About the company

Our goal is to achieve a market-leading position in several of the areas in which we operate.

Where it all began

Skultuna Mill was founded 1607 by the Swedish king Karl IX. The lamination operation began in Finspång, central Sweden, back in 1935 and moved to Skultuna in 1960.
Skultuna is situated 120 km west of Stockholm.

Our present position

Besides the head office in Skultuna, we also have a subsidiary in China, Beijing including sales, production and warehousing.

Skultuna Flexible is since 2007 a consolidated unit within the Fairford Group.

Skultuna Flexible is focusing on growth and we are continuously investing in capacity and new opportunities.

We have capabilities in laminating, coating, slitting, embossing, punching and sheeting.

Our goal is to achieve and maintain a market-leading position in several of the segments in which we operate.

The combination of knowledge and experience of materials, chemistry and production processes, along with financially strong owners who invest long term, makes this a realistic goal.


We are certified within both quality management system ISO 9001 CERTIFICATE
as well as in eco management system SS-EN ISO 14001 CERTIFICATE

Quality and Environmental policy Quality- and Environmental Policy

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General Conditions of sale General Conditions

Skultuna Flexible, SE-726 20 Skultuna, Sweden
Phone: +46 21 5403000 • Fax: +46 21 70745 • E-mail: info@skultunaflexible.se