We don’t go with the flow. We keep it in check.

In certain situations, physical substances such as gases and liquids, just like emissions in the form of heat, cold, electricity, light and sound, etc., pose major problems that require us to actively protect ourselves against them. In other situations, the same substances and emissions can actually be an asset and represent new possibilities.

Imagine what you could do, for example, with a material that has the ability to conduct or transmit electricity and heat like a metal, is as light as paper and has the elasticity of plastic. Or a completely light-proof and airtight material that can also resist grease and liquids, but is not even as thick as a hair.
Properties such as these enable our technical laminates to gain acceptance and win new supporters within various industries such as construction, engi- neering, electrical manufacturing and vehicle manufacture with each passing day. Yet we believe that this is just the beginning.
By constantly accepting new challenges, we learn a lot of new things and develop – both as individuals and as a company. This has also resulted in unique know-how and experience of how to combine different materials in order to produce technical laminates to meet our customers’ needs.

Materials that creates new possibilities

Skultuna Flexible has state-of-the-art production machinery for manufacturing material solutions. To be able to satisfy our customer’s requirements and expectations for efficient production machinery, we continuously invest in new technology and projects to increase capacity.
Skultuna Flexible develops and manufactures a complete range of technical laminates for the barrier and shielding applications. Technical laminates are commonly used in numbers of industries for barring and shielding of heat cold, light and sound.
Our extensive experience in manufacturing technical laminates in large or small volumes ensures you have access to a steady, cost-effective supply of material at the agreed uniform quality. All our operations are certified according to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and meet all criteria for manufacturing for the barrier and shielding industry.

General Technical Data

Shielding materials
Al 20μm, 30μm, 40μm, 50μm
Cu 20μm, 35μm, 50μm
Stainless steel 25μm, 38μm
Supporting materials
Paper and board 20 – 500μm
Plastic films 4 – 250μm
Others nonwoven

Common structure for barrier and shielding applications consist of a shielding material laminated together with a supporting material.

Temperature, electricity, light, radiation, fluids and gases can sometimes be a problem requiring special protective measures. Other times they present new opportunities, which requires a fresh approach to the challenge. Our task is to develop technical laminates for each customer, laminates that fulfil their role in the environments for which they are intended. All we need to get started is a clear idea of your needs, wishes and requirements.

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Our technical laminates offer one of the most cost-efficient ways keep some substances and emissions out and others in. And, technically speaking, it is probably one of the most elegant ways, too.

Materials are supplied in the most suitable format for your production process. On large or small reels, long or short, in all possible widths or cut into sheets.

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