500 or 5,000,000?

You have just hit upon a means of solving a problem that has been bothering you for a while. Moreover, it’s a brand new, possibly even revolutionary solution. But there is still one problem to solve before your brilliant idea can become a reality. Quite a big one actually, as it seems the material needed for the flexible circuit the solution requires does not exist. You have to start by finding a supplier with sufficient knowledge to produce the material.

This kind of situation is not unique. We have a lot of customer relationships that started out in precisely this way. Skultuna Flexible is renowned for being able to cope with odd inquiries and leads the way when it comes to developing technical laminates. We look forward to new challenges and think anything is possible until proved otherwise. This means we are always learning new things and are able to continue developing. As individuals and as a company.
This approach has resulted in unique know-how and experience of how to combine conductive and supporting materials in order to produce technical laminates with the properties and performance to meet our clients’ needs.

Efficient production of standard products and customised solutions

Skultuna Flexible has state-of-the-art production machinery for manufacturing material solutions. No matter whether this involves long or short production runs, we always work smart. To be able to satisfy our customers’ requirements and expectations for efficient production machinery, we continuously invest in new technology and projects to increase capacity.
Therefore, it is quite easy to understand why the world’s leading companies involved in the manufacture of flexible circuits, and also some of the smallest, use our technical laminates in their products.

Materials that creates new possibilities

Skultuna Flexible develops and manufactures a complete range of copper laminates for the FPC industry. Technical laminates are commonly used in the electronics industry for manufacturing products such as mobile phones, consu- mer and automotive electronics and other end products.
Our extensive experience in manufacturing technical laminates in large or small volumes ensures you have access to a steady, cost-effective supply of standard materials at the agreed uniform quality. All our operations are certified according to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and meet all criteria* for manu- facturing for the electronics industry.
Standard materials in our product range include single-sided as well as double- sided materials with corresponding cover substrates. These are available in combinations of raw materials selected on the basis of the requirement of the circuit and are delivered in rolls or as sheets, depending on your preference.

General Technical Data

Metal Foils
Cu ED 12/18/35/70 μm
Cu trRA 18/35 μm
Cu Ra 10/20/35/50 μm
Backing material
PET HS 25/50/75/125/250 μm
PEN 25/50/75/125 μm
PEN HS 50/75 μm
PI 25/50/75/125 μm

From the above backing materials with adhesive 18 μm, 25 μm and 36 μm.


The layers are put together using a two-component high-performance adhesive with optimum chemical and temperature resistance and tailor-made for each material and requirement. 9 μm, 14 μm or 18 μm, among others.
Please contact us for further technical specifications.

Customer-specific materials

Skultuna Flexible also develops and manufactures technical laminates according to your company’s specific requirements. The material can be supplied in a variety of combinations using almost any substrate as long as it comes on reels.
Please feel free to contact us for a quote without obligation.

* Our technical laminates meet UL 94 VTM 0 (the flame retardant is halogen free). All laminates fulfil the RoHS requirements (2002/95/EC) and the materials themselves are in accordance with the IPC requirements.

Skultuna Flexible is renowned for being able to cope with unusual inquiries and leads the way when it comes to developing technical laminates able to handle the constant demand for improved performance and additional functions – despite shrinking external dimensions. We are also renowned for our high-volume production capabilities Our materials are used in the electronics industry for manufacturing products such as mobile phones, and consumer and automotive electronics.

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Our laminates for the FPC industry are a multitalented material. You can have them as large or as small as you need. And they can be bent and turned to fit almost any shape.

Materials are supplied in the most suitable format for your production process. On large or small reels, in all possible widths or cut into sheets.

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