Protection against what?

Good packaging must satisfy a variety of criteria. It must protect the contents yet be simple to handle. It should preferably not be damaging to the environment and should, if required, be attractive and saleable. Of these basic criteria, it is actually only handling that is principally controlled by the construction of the packaging. The other factors are primarily controlled through choice of material.

The choice of material for packaging depends on the properties you require and any problems involved. Skultuna Flexible has the experience of developing, producing and supplying technical laminates designed for packaging for food- stuffs, transport, engineering, electronics and other high-tech industries.
Our approach has resulted in unique know-how and experience of how to combine tight and supporting materials in order to produce technical laminates with the properties and performance to meet our customers’ needs.

Efficient production of standard products and customised solutions

Skultuna Flexible has state-of-the-art production machinery for manufacturing material solutions. No matter whether this involves long or short production runs, we always work smart. To be able to satisfy our customers’ requirements and expectations for efficient production machinery, we continuously invest in new technology and projects to increase capacity.
Think about what you require from your packaging and get in touch with us. With one of the most extensive knowledge banks on the market to draw on and a wide range of materials from numerous industries to choose from, you will find us a surprisingly cost-effective partner.

Materials that creates new possibilities

Skultuna Flexible supply a full range of materialcombinations for production of thin flexible barrier materials for building, electronic and packaging industries!
We combine different materials into laminates with the combined properties from each material. The finished product benefits from our long experience in manufacturing packaging materials and technical laminates. This in large volume and with great effectiveness giving our customers a cost efficient and steady supply of standard as well as customer specified products.
We produce our Flexible base materials in a tailor-made unique process in state of the art production equipment.
All our operations are certified according to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and meet all criteria for manufacturing for the barrier packaging industry.
In our standard product-range you will find laminates that consist of 2- to 3-layers but 4- and 5-layers are also common. Delivery dimensions are usually in reels.
All materials are well recognized for their stability and optimized properties. Several barrier materials are available, selected on the basis of each specific request. The barrier materials can be combined with supporting materials for properties as durability, look and sealing.

General Technical Data

Barrier material
Water vapour
Al RA 7 μ, 9 μ, 12 μ, 20 μ , excellent excellent
PET 12 μ, 19 μ, 36μ poor good
met PET 12 μ, 19 μ, 36μ good very good
PET (SiOx, AlOx) 12 μ good very good
PA 15μ poor very good
PE 40μ, 75 μ, 100 μ good poor
PP 40μ, 100 μ good poor
Supporting materials
paper and board 20 -500 g/m2
plastic films 4-250 μ
metal foils 5-100 μ

The layers are put together with high performance adhesive designed to each material and requirement.

Specifik specifikations on request

Customer specified materials can be supplied in a variety of combinations using almost any substrate as long as it comes on reels. Please feel free to contact us for an offer without obligations.

In the store, with the end customer looking at the shelves, is a key moment in the sale of a product. We create materials for brand owners who want to attract attention by ensuring their products look the best on shop shelves. And boost sales. In other situations it’s more important to shut various substances out or in. By laminating different kinds of plastic film, metal foils, paper and paperboard, we can create the properties needed for these packaging solutions.

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We already deliver technical laminates used in packaging for food, transport, engineering, electronics and other high-tech industries. Yet we are looking for new branches and challenges.

Materials are supplied in the most suitable format for your production process. On large or small reels, in all possible widths or cut into sheets.

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