Darwinism for store shelves

A good product is in many respects reduced to a prerequisite for being able to participate in the battle for consumers’ money. In order to be successful, packaging must also be aesthetically pleasing and have a design that attracts potential buyers. It must stand out in stores. Take the time to look round the shelves next time you’re out shopping. That’s where the battle is really being fought.

Most stores today are self-service and consumers themselves pick up the goods they need. Most know in advance what they are going to buy, but few will have decided what brand to choose. That decision is generally made on the spot.
We have developed and produced attractive and saleable packaging material for some of the world’s most popular brands within cosmetics, consumer electronics, food products, tobacco and alcohol.

Efficient production of standard products and customised solutions

Skultuna Flexible has state-of-the-art production machinery for manufacturing material solutions. No matter whether this involves long or short production runs, we always work smart. To be able to satisfy our customers’ requirements and expectations for efficient production machinery, we continuously invest in new technology and projects to increase capacity.
Good packaging made of the right material gives the product an appearance, or, more accurately, an appeal that can influence consumer choice. A process that only the strongest, best and most suitable survive.

Materials that creates new possibilities

Skultuna Flexible develops and manufacture a complete range of laminates for the luxury packaging industry.
Our extensive experience in manufacturing packaging laminates in large or small volumes ensures you have access to steady, cost effective supply of material at the agreed, uniform quality. All our operations are certified according to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and meet all criteria for manufacturing for the packaging industry.
Standard materials can be manufactured according to your specification and we also have the possibility to develop new material combinations. The material can be pre-treated for printing or even be embossed in a suitable structure. Material can be lacquered in nearly all different colours. We deliver material in reels, sheets or other special formats.

General Technical Data

Metal Foils
Polymer films
Metalized PET
Cardboard & Paper
20 gsm to 500 gsm
Special films
Décor films
Hologram films

Other materials and variants are available.

Customer-specific materials

Skultuna Flexible also develops and manufacture laminates according to your company’s specific requirements. The material can be supplied in a variety of combinations using almost any substrate as long as it comes on reels.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote without obligation.

In the store, with the end customer looking at the shelves, is a key moment in the sale of a product. We create materials for brand owners who want to attract attention by ensuring their products look the best on shop shelves. And boost sales. In other situations it’s more important to shut various substances out or in. By laminating different kinds of plastic film, metal foils, paper and paperboard, we can create the properties needed for these packaging solutions.

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It is no accidental occurrence that some of the worlds most recognized and popular premium brands use our laminates in their packaging. When they do, they know that the job will be well done.

Materials are supplied in the most suitable format for your production process. On large or small reels, in all possible widths or cut into sheets.

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