One hour is enough

Solar energy is the cleanest energy source there is. It is completely renewable and has almost a negligible impact on the environment as far as production and consumption are concerned. Moreover, unlike fossil fuels and uranium it will last for as long as the sun rises in the morning. Believe it or not, during the summer months one hour of radiant energy reaching Sweden is enough to meet our entire energy needs.

Over the next 15 years the market for solar cells is expected to grow by almost 20% per year. That is why we are making the development and manufacture of more efficient technical laminates for solar cells one of our main priorities.
We already offer photovoltaic module manufacturers both standard laminates and customised laminate solutions. Parallel with this, we are working together with those manufacturers to develop materials and find new solutions with improved properties and greater efficiency.
By constantly accepting new challenges, we have learned a lot of new things and developed as individuals and as a company. This has also resulted in unique know-how and experience of how to combine materials in order to produce tech- nical laminates with the properties and performance to meet our customers’ needs.

Efficient production of standard products and customised solutions

Skultuna Flexible has state-of-the-art production machinery for manufacturing material solutions. No matter whether this involves long or short production runs, we always work smart. To be able to satisfy our customers’ requirements and expectations for efficient production machinery, we continuously invest in new technology and projects to increase capacity.
Even Sweden gets the hours of sunshine it needs. Growing environmental awareness and ever increasing energy prices mean it’s a good idea to make use of the energy the sun provides.

Materials that creates new possibilities

Skultuna Flexible offers a wide range of standard flexible laminated back sheets for photovoltaic modules. These are developed to ensure the safe and continuous operation of your modules even in harsh environments. These protective barrier laminates have very good chemical and electrical properties, high mechanical strength and can withstand temperature variations.

Our extensive
experience in manufacturing technical laminates in large or small volumes ensures you have access to a steady, cost-effective supply of standard materials at the agreed, uniform quality. All our operations are certified accord- ing to ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 14001:2004. Skultuna Flexible complies with the Par- tial Discharge Test according to IEC 60664-1, IEC 61730.

General Technical Data

Standard laminates
Type Laminate structure
2P190 B Mod. PE 125 // PET 190 // Hydr+UV res. PET 50
2P190 W Mod. PE 125 // PET 190 // Hydr+UV res. PET 50
2P190AI B Mod. PE 125 // AI 12 // PET 190 // Hydr+UV res. PET 50
2P190AI W Mod. PE 125 // AI 12 // PET 190 // Hydr+UV res. PET 50
3P 250 Mod. PE 40 // PET 50 // PET 250 // Hydr+UV res. PET 50
SF 07S2 Mod. PP 100 // Hydr+UV res. PET 125
SF 09S2 Mod. PP 150 // Hydr+UV res. PET 125

Materials can be supplied as reels, sheets or other special formats. Different thicknesses are available.

Customised laminates

We also offer you the option of customising special and new laminates according to your require- ments and needs.

Please contact us for further technical specifications.

Finding new ways to generate electricity and achieve a more comfortable indoor climate is not only a matter of comfort. As approximately two-thirds of all energy is used for heating and cooling houses, it’s a matter of the utmost importance for our climate and the environment. We are convinced our materials can play an important role, both in how we generate renewable energy and how we control consumption in a responsible way.

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During the summer months one hour of radiant energy is enough to meet our entire energy needs.

Materials are supplied in the most suitable format for your production process. On large or small reels, in all possible widths or cut into sheets.

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